So you signed up to be a Team Mom/Dad/Manager...

Apr. 10, 2018

Halfway through the season and THE END is looming near...NOW is the time to start planning that end-of-season celebration.

Pick a date * Determine a place (reserve if necessary) * Figure food * Estimate "per player" cost *

Collect $$$ * Order Awards and Gifts...

Allow 7-10 business days for your award and gift order to be  processed (doesn't matter if it's one piece or twenty - your order is getting "in line" behind others).

Get ready to CELEBRATE!!!!


Mar. 28, 2018


Sign-ups!!     Extra uniform costs!!     Pictures!!     Snacks!!     League fundraisers!!

Team Party!!     Awards!!     Coaches Gifts!!   The list SEEMS endless....

Don't stress...start a Goal Can, Kick Can, Homerun Can...decorate a container -  take it, shake it, fill it - a quarter, nickel, dollar at a the end of the season, you'll be rolling in change...literally.  Tell 'em "No Pennies" please!!!  REALLY helps if one of those cute little toddler siblings is shakin' shakin' shakin' that container.

You'll collect from supportive Uncles, Aunts, Grandpas, Grandmas and even Friends!!!  Share the monetary burden.  One day, it'll be YOUR it forward then 🙂


Feb. 10, 2016

Don't wait until you've had those jerseys personalized, those hats embroidered or those awards yourself a favor and VERIFY the roster...even better go player to player, parent to parent and CREATE YOUR OWN!!!