Polar Camel Brand Tumblers - Customizable - ON SALE UNTIL 7/1/2020

Sample of 20 oz in Orange


PRICED AT $20.00each UNTIL JULY 1, 2020


Great gift idea.... NEW lowered prices!!!

Polar Camel Double Insulated Tumblers-keeps COLD 24 hours and keeps WARM for up to 12 hours...

Beverage Holder...$20.00

12oz stemless...$21.00

16oz stemless...$23.00

14oz pilsner...$26.00

20oz pilsner...$28.00

16oz pint...$24.00 - includes slider lid

15oz mug w/handle...$31.00 - includes slider lid

10oz tumbler...$22.00 - only available in 9 colors*

20 oz tumbler...$25.00

20oz leatherette tumbler...$30.00

30oz tumbler...$27.00


Price includes personalization/customization...

Pre-engraved tumblers are 50% off regular price. Stop in the shop or inquire for the most up-to-date selection.

All eleven sizes/styles are available in the following colors: black*, red*, royal blue*, pink*, teal*, light blue, light purple, purple*, dark gray, navy blue*, orange, maroon*, white*, green, yellow, coral.  The Leatherette style is only available in the 20oz tumbler., but a number of colors are available.

Click on the TUMBLER LINK at the top of the page or copy & paste below:


to check out all of the sizes, styles and colors available.  Currently, we are NOT offering the stainless steel.



Tumblers can be personalized to YOUR specifications OR purchase a pre-engraved tumbler for 50% off regular price...