Baseball/Softball Awards

Baseball Life Forever!!!
Baseball Life Forever!!!
A 20-year throwback to when MY baby (on the left) was a little Yankee!


At this point, you should know how many players are on the team.  You should know their names and jersey numbers.  You definitely know the season will end.  And you know you are going to commemorate and celebrate the hard work, dedication and FUN that was had during the season, so WHY WAIT?!?!

Browse through this sampling of baseball/softball trophies we offer...most gender specific trophies are available in both male and female, and for those with column, the column color is changeable. More choices may be found at the shop and/or on our Facebook page

Engraving is ALWAYS included in the prices of our trophies...and we don't limit you or count letters - we will just let you know if it won't fit🙂 

To place an order either come into the shop during normal hours (Tues - Fri 9am - 5pm) or send an e-mail ( or You may e-mail/message via this site as well. Provide information regarding the trophy of choice, how many you will need (male and female), and the roster if available (league, team name, player's F & L name and jersey #).  Be sure to indicate M for male and F for female as names are not always gender specific.  PAYMENT IN FULL WILL BE REQUIRED.  Custom Trophies accepts CC payments via e-mail & phone or Zelle.  In person payment accepted include cash, check, CC or Zelle.



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